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10 Questions to See If Your Social media “GURU” is Up to Speed

July 25, 2009 6 comments


Ian Lurie, of is a hoot!  I absolutely loved his post with a self-quiz about so called “social media” experts.  So many folks are raising their hand in the “me too” attempt at earning some moolah. How does one really know the real deal from all the BS?

If anyone tells you they can GUARANTEE results – they are FULL OF IT! It’s nearly impossible to keep up – much less guarantee anything – with changing trends on the internet. Bah-ha!  As Ian sez, kick’em in the groin! (just for being stupid)

Now, without further ado, here’s a excerpt from Ian’s post:

10 Questions to Evaluate a Social Media ‘Expert’

July 21, 2009 by ian

If you know more than 5 people, chances are you now know someone who declares themselves a social media expert. How can you tell if someone’s claim of expertise is legit? Here’s my quick quiz. Ask each question and take the appropriate action:

1: Do you have a blog?

If the expert answers ‘no’, that may be OK. Follow up with something like ‘Oh, you’re using Posterous instead?’. If they look at you blankly, end the meeting there. No sense wasting your time.

If the expert answers ‘yes’, get the address and go look. If they’ve been blogging for less than 2-3 years, and there’s no explanation like “I had to move my blog”, again, end the meeting.

Any social media expert has been somehow participating in the conversation for a long time.

2: When did you start in social media?

“6 months ago”. Yeah. OK. Bye.

“2 years ago”. Hey, not bad. Worth a chat.

“In 1992”. Er. Um. They’d better be referencing BBSes and Usenet.

3: What is social media?

“Blogging and Twitter and stuff”. Excuse yourself for a bathroom break and don’t come back.

“All of the conversations going on between people and people and businesses and such online”. Not bad.

“A trendy term to describe a new kind of mass media”. Totally acceptable.

4: What’s a social media campaign?

“Voting something to the front page of Digg using my proxy server and 35 computers”. Flee the scene, and get to a minimum safe distance as soon as possible. The Digg brigade may be on its way. Whatever you do, don’t hire them. While this is a valid tactic (I guess), it’s not a campaign. Nor does it generate long term results in most cases.

“Developing a great message and then reaching out to people, while giving them an incentive to ‘pass it on'”. Yeah, OK, keep ’em around.

“I have this great software that will put a link to your site on 21,000 forums and 10,000 blogs…”. Push them down the garbage chute. Don’t be seen with them in public.

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Three Reasons You Need to Be on FriendFeed *Now*


Lately, I’ve had many conversations about SEO n’such with people who are looking for the quick fix to get high Google rankings.  These kinds of people HIGHLY annoy me, because I have always preached content and article writing is really the only organic way.

So as I preach from my SEO pulpit, I know now that FriendFeed and twitter are both darlings of Google.  So get out there are start sharing what’s in your noggin people!

Go forth… Twitter, Facebook and Friendfeed!  🙂

And, now Hutch’s post =======================

Three Reasons You Need to Be on FriendFeed *Now*

by Hutch Carpenter

FriendFeed has got to be one of the most innovative companies around these days. It seems every week, it’s hatched something new with its service. That alone makes it worth being there.

Then there’s the interactions. When those are rocking and rolling, it’s a lot of fun. Even a few Likes and comments are worth the experience. Of course, not everyone is engaged enough on the service to fully benefit from that. Which is something I completely understand, by the way.

I’ve got three reasons you should be on FriendFeed now. Not for the conversations. Not for the real-time experience. But three reasons that will be valuable to you personally.

The FriendFeed triple play.

#1: Google Juice

You likely know the background of much of the FriendFeed team – Google. Yeah, these guys know search. Even more importantly, they know something about how Google manages search.

So it comes as no surprise that FriendFeed can rank pretty highly in Google search results. Here’s a favorite example of mine.

Alex Scoble (yes, Robert’s brother) is planning his wedding reception. One candidate location for the reception was the Hillsboro Cultural Arts Center. But the managers of that location were not very flexible in working Alex and his fiance. On FriendFeed, Alex posted about the Hillsboro Cultural Arts Center, with some comments explaining why he was not going to use them. It’s not a flattering portrayal of the Center.

handwriting-leftarrowWell, check out what a search on the Center’s name returns: Alex’s FriendFeed entry is the #6 result.

Not something that Center wants in their search results, but a great way for Alex to let others know about his experience with the Center.

Read the rest of Hutch’s post here

Social Marketing For Mary Kay, Longaberger, and Other Direct Marketing Sales Groups

May 26, 2009 1 comment

Dear Donna,

biglogo_facebookQ: I saw your post about the Mary Kay lady bringing you some goodies. Do you think there is any way I can convince my wife, who is a Mary Kay Senior Sales Director, that she could expand her business using Facebook?

A: Tell her that not many “home party” ladies are socially savvy… and she should get her hiney on now!

Social media can help her gain exposure and lead her “herd”. She’s obviously a great leader and needs to lead her herd of consultants into 2009!

Since she’s a senior director – I would suggest she use FB and twitter for:

  1. staying in regular contact with her consultants. Write on their wall, upload pics, share info and connect on a deeper level.
  2. staying connected to her customers and gaining exposure to THEIR network of friends. <–very important! HUGE opportunities: a wedding post, prom posts, other special events that would allow her to step up and offer her services.  Posting events, sharing resources, recruiting new consultants… I could go on!

She could easily tweet about specials (and post to FB). Move discontinued inventory, new product launches, etc.

Customers will NOT fall out of the sky for her, but she will definitely be right smack in front of them.

On a personal note, I created a social network for my neighborhood on, and that’s how I MET my Mary Kay lady.  Our neighborhood has over 90 homes and she is the”default” MK gal.  Exposure doesn’t get much easier or cost effective than that!

If you know someone in the direct selling business, be EMPOWERED, and share this post with them!  dp

*REVISED* QuickStart Web Workbook v9.0 Social Media Edition is HERE!

April 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Social Secret Squirrel Stuff!

I’m ALMOST DONE with the revised -and as always free- “QuickStart Web Workbook” version 9.0 Social Media edition. Come and sink your teeth into page 18, the section on “HOW to find the right people to friend and follow in social media.”

Download and take a bite here.

New Flip Video camera – Welcome to Work test

March 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Pink FlipJenni is taking a trip to Washington DC this weekend, so I got her a pink Flip Video to play with.

Ok, the TRUTH.

I got it for me, for HER to video DC since I used to live there, and haven’t been back for quite awhile. I suppose, if I were single and childless, DC would be my preferred city to live. And since I’m really a country farm girl, I’d have to keep a little place in the country too so I could wander the creek and catch crayfish like my youngest daughter does.

Quality isn’t too shabby – considering it’s a very simple camera to operate. Simply turn it on, aim, and press the red button on the back to begin recording. Press the red button again, to stop.

And, it’s compatible w/my MAC. Yea! No issues there. @$129 US I consider that a pretty good buy.

Anyway, here’s my absolutely horrid bed-head self giving you a “welcome to work” test vid. 🙂

Web Coach Tip: Did You Know? Right Here – Right NOW! Video

December 21, 2008 1 comment


I’ve reached “nerd-vanna!” Absolutely fascinating.  Take 5 minutes to watch this video.

My friend Mark Pierce asked,  “How would you answer the question, “So what does it all mean?”

I think the most exciting aspect for me are the opportunities… if you don’t shy away from progression.

On the flip side, we do need to be selective about all the info we take in. Filter out the junk, and focus on the important.

And, yet, another angle. What is your definition of success?

  • Having a high IQ? Then perhaps you should move to India and study with the geniuses.
  • Making a lot of money? then study entrepreneurship under the Forbes 100 richest people, and model them.
  • Having a technology degree? Better get some hands on experience in your chosen field – otherwise you might become obsolete.  Being self-taught is a good thing!

I guess it all means…

  • we must be flexible, and accept change.
  • we must be faithful, and trust God.
  • we must not be afraid, change and the unknown are certain.
  • we must reach out, and care for one another.
  • we must do what no machine can: encourage and coach one another.

These are just a few points… there are dozens, if not hundreds others!

I love dreaming of possibilities – I hope you enjoyed this video!

Be EMPOWERED and Share the love! dp

Another Perspective of Social Marketing

December 16, 2008 Leave a comment

Perry’s such a neat guy.  I love his explanation of social media – check it out!