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Kindness, Grace and Forgiveness

October 9, 2009 Leave a comment

New Flip Video camera – Welcome to Work test

March 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Pink FlipJenni is taking a trip to Washington DC this weekend, so I got her a pink Flip Video to play with.

Ok, the TRUTH.

I got it for me, for HER to video DC since I used to live there, and haven’t been back for quite awhile. I suppose, if I were single and childless, DC would be my preferred city to live. And since I’m really a country farm girl, I’d have to keep a little place in the country too so I could wander the creek and catch crayfish like my youngest daughter does.

Quality isn’t too shabby – considering it’s a very simple camera to operate. Simply turn it on, aim, and press the red button on the back to begin recording. Press the red button again, to stop.

And, it’s compatible w/my MAC. Yea! No issues there. @$129 US I consider that a pretty good buy.

Anyway, here’s my absolutely horrid bed-head self giving you a “welcome to work” test vid. 🙂

Personal Note on: MLK, Obama, and Oprah

January 19, 2009 Leave a comment

I DVR’d Oprah’s show today.

Her series is programmed to be recorded if it’s new – so I didn’t go out of my way to record this particular show. (You can see excerpts at

What I didn’t realize is how united, inspired and hopeful the nation feels about Obama being elected.  Especially on this day, Martin Luther King’s observed birthday.

You see, I’m a die hard Republican. I voted for McCain.

Born in an all white community.  Raised in a 99% white community, and daughter of a  KKK supporter from the south, who claimed to be a Democrat.

Fast forward to today.

Never have I heard a nation so ready to serve, until now.  People from every walk of life are setting aside their hang-ups and aggressions to move forward, make life better, and serve one another.

Serve one another.

How beautiful.  Anyone who can move a nation like this, is all right by me!

Web Coach Tip: Did You Know? Right Here – Right NOW! Video

December 21, 2008 1 comment


I’ve reached “nerd-vanna!” Absolutely fascinating.  Take 5 minutes to watch this video.

My friend Mark Pierce asked,  “How would you answer the question, “So what does it all mean?”

I think the most exciting aspect for me are the opportunities… if you don’t shy away from progression.

On the flip side, we do need to be selective about all the info we take in. Filter out the junk, and focus on the important.

And, yet, another angle. What is your definition of success?

  • Having a high IQ? Then perhaps you should move to India and study with the geniuses.
  • Making a lot of money? then study entrepreneurship under the Forbes 100 richest people, and model them.
  • Having a technology degree? Better get some hands on experience in your chosen field – otherwise you might become obsolete.  Being self-taught is a good thing!

I guess it all means…

  • we must be flexible, and accept change.
  • we must be faithful, and trust God.
  • we must not be afraid, change and the unknown are certain.
  • we must reach out, and care for one another.
  • we must do what no machine can: encourage and coach one another.

These are just a few points… there are dozens, if not hundreds others!

I love dreaming of possibilities – I hope you enjoyed this video!

Be EMPOWERED and Share the love! dp

Relationships and THRIVING!

December 2, 2008 3 comments


Today, I am overwhelmingly grateful.

Grateful for all of the relationships in my life.  My clients (who rock!) and allow me to buy groceries. My fellow web geeks, neighbors, family, classmates, colleagues, mentors and Facebook/Twitter friends.

Relationships allow us to THRIVE! (I just love that word – THRIVE!)

Today’s world is different that it was even one year ago.  We MUST connect, mesh, be open and give.  Help our neighbors, watch out for one another because, we were never meant to walk this road thru life alone.

I believe… we all have a unique gift to offer in this lifetime, which will bring us MORE joy, if we share it with others.

I believe… we can solve any problem we encounter, TOGETHER.

I believe… we are capable of far more success than we ever thought, by working TOGETHER.

I believe… don’t you?

Abundant blessings,

Donna XOXO

Prediction: McCain sends Palin to debate Obama

September 25, 2008 Leave a comment

You heard it here FIRST!

McCain said the debate’s on hold…
Obama said he’s showing up anyway…
McCain can’t let Obama have 90 minutes of free airtime…

So I bet McCain sends Palin in as a stand-in!

Could you imagine the fireworks (on both sides?)


Simple — we business-owners have a LOT to learn from
politicians (from both parties) when it comes to competition.

In politics, competition is RIGHT THERE… in your face.  That REALLY
speeds up the cycle of change.  It makes both candidates better.

In small-business, competition is more hidden (usually)…


I bet you could really improve your business if you FELT
the heat of competition more.

I bet you would be more bold.

I bet you would improve faster.

I bet your TEAM would be more energized.

I bet your affiliates and partners would be more evangelistic.

My recommendation:  Research the heck our of your competition,
not to steal their ideas — but to SCARE yourself into bettering yourself

Good luck!  Let’s see if my prediction for Friday comes true.  Probably
not, but it would be cool to watch if it did!

Rick Raddatz,

p.s.  If you want to mess with your friends, spread the rumor it’s
already been announced : )

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