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[Personal] Colon Armageddon

September 10, 2011

It’s been almost two months since I’ve written a post or shared anything of significance. In case you were wondering where I’ve been – I’ve been recuperating from a STROKE. A “colon stroke” to be more specific. This isn’t the first “colon armageddon,” unfortunately.   Perforated Diverticulitis and Ulcerative Colitis have reared their ugly heads before.

What is a colon stroke you ask?  Well, when you have a blood clot block oxygen to your brain, that’s a regular ‘stroke’.  If your heart can’t get oxygen, it’s a heart attack.  If a clot blocks your colon’s oxygen supply – it’s a colon stroke (Ischemic Colitis), and part of your colon begins to die.  Just like people who have brain strokes, parts of their brain dies due to lack of oxygen and they are often left impaired.

Apparently, I also had a “Generalized tonic-clonic Seizure” or otherwise known as “grand mal seizure” right in front of my family before the rescue squad arrived.  All I remember is my husband yelling at me to wake up – and I was thinking to myself, “shut up old man – I’m TIRED!”  LOL!

Truly scary ordeal for my girls to see. I consider myself very lucky and grateful.

Thanks to everyone who brought meals, rides and support to my family.


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