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Why Mobile Marketing Is So Important – Part 1

July 25, 2011

Today’s business owners are faced with an enormous problem.

Why?  Because:

    1. Google Ad search results are dominated by large corporations and major chains.
    2. Small to mid-size businesses lack the knowledge to develop an effective web campaign.
    3. Unable (or refusal) to make the transition from “traditional” advertising to “online” marketing. (Do not be afraid! The web in your friend! LOL!)

BEFORE the Internet, connecting with your prospects meant advertising via:

    • Newspaper
    • TV
    • Direct Mail
    • Telemarketing
    • Print Ads
    • Word of Mouth

However; TODAY… traditional advertising methods are losing their effectiveness.

    • Phone Directory  – Where is yours? Mine is in the recycle bin.
    • Newspapers  – Subscription rates are declining rapidly and ad costs are skyrocketing.
    • TV  – How many shows do you Tivo/DVR and skip thru the commercials?
    • Telemarketing  – National Do Not Call List. ‘Nuff said.  Although, Direct Buy never seems to get the message.
    • Direct Mail  – only has a 1 to 2% return.  (And that is if your sales copy is written by a pro)
    • Print Ads  – costs are rising and will continue to rise as “paper” periodicals become obsolete.
    • E-Mail  – SPAM.  Ever have someone opt-in and forget, then go off on you because they say your spamming them? SMH. (Shaking my head)

These are just some of the realities of marketing in 2011.  If you are a brick n’mortar business, or online, what I’m telling you is what you’ve known for quite a while now.  In part 2, I’ll share more facts that you can’t ignore, and how you can benefit with mobile marketing .

Now It’s YOUR Turn! What are your thoughts? Post below, I’d love to know what you think!

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