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My 2 Cents On Casey Anthony After Her Release From Jail

July 19, 2011

In an effort to not seriously tick off those who do not believe justice was served – I would have found her not-guilty also.  There just wasn’t enough proof, and too many “what about xxxx?” to convict her.

Anyway, I’m really tired of CNN continually covering her story.  Nancy Grace’s hack character assassination had her convicted from day one.  Oh, yes – I DO think she knows what happened to Caylee, but there’s no doubt in my mind she’ll take it to her grave.

Speculation from people who hawk-eyed Orlando’s airport on FlightAware.com the early morning of her release saw the only flight leaving was one around 2am to Columbus, Ohio.  That flight had a few executives on-board who had been golfing and were heading back home.  No Casey Anthony in Ohio.

They say she boarded a plane that same morning, just a few hours later to Arizona around 4am from a smaller airport nearby.

Think about this: 4 hours is plenty of time to get out of Jail – cut, color and style your hair, get a spray tan, and get your nails done.  Yes? So no matter where Casey is, she is completely unrecognizable.  Imagine if she gained 50 pounds? She would blend anonymously into society forevermore.  Ah, but there is Bella-Vita!

Is there truth in fleeing to Arizona? Iddaknow… she’s gone like yesterday.  But if I were escaping harsh reality and putting myself back together, Arizona would be my preferred destination.

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